Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Stop Motion

We are preparing to create a stop motion film in Computers so I thought I'd gather some impressive stop motion videos off of the interwebs.

Her Morning Elegance
-This one is a repeat, but is applicable for this assignment.

Tony vs. Paul
-This has some clever techniques for using people within the video.

T-shirt War
-I stumbled upon this a while ago.  It's incredibly well thought out.

-That is a shit ton of post it notes.

-It's neat how this one makes use of multiple surfaces. The style reminds me of Miyazaki.

Lost things
-I think I'm leaning towards this or the first link's approach to the project.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Spring Break

A much needed break has arrived just in time to restore what sanity and motivation I had at the start of the semester. I love being able to do my work and keep my creative juices flowing, but the deadlines pile up on top of each other and get very stressful. This "break" has been more school work than relaxation. I know that once I get back to school I'm really going to be glad that I finished my work. Next week might be the first week I don't cram just to barely get by. I've broken free of my old procrastinating habits, but I end up doing work last minute anyway because I'm constantly required to have an assignment completed. My 2D project was INSANE. I really shot myself in the foot by cutting my triangles so small. I quilted for six days straight. I'm proud of the finished product, seeing I have never quilted before. I'm not sure how confident I am in my self portrait at this point, but I haven't payed much attention to it.
On the subject of copyrights and web composits, I have new ideas about the TED talk. Over centuries of artwork, every piece has some inspiration. For apprentices of the renaissance, remaking work of masters was common. Although it's not the same thing as taking another person's photos, times have changed. Just like music, technology changes and advances. This will be an issue for a few years and with every case it will become more and more acceptable.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Choking Creativity

In a recently viewed TED Talk,the topic of copyright infringement was brought up. Many young people today use images, videos, and other stock gathered from the internet. Using these images, they create their own works combining different elements of computer design. Copyright laws are being thoroughly investigated because reworking images gathered from online sources has disrupted the original owners. I think that as long as the reworked image is not used for profit there is no wrong doing. If using another person's image is illegal, should all high school students using google images to decorate their chem class presentation board be fined? Isn't the whole purpose of the internet to provide a wealth of free information to the general public? If a person does not want anyone to borrow their work, they shouldn't put it on the internet.